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Apricot Tart - 22cm

Apricots, fresh or canned, are neatly arranged on a bed of cold vanilla pastry cream. Tart shell and apricots baked until it's a beautiful golden brown. Glazed with an apricot coating to keep it nice and fresh. Serves 5 to 6.

Large Tarts
Serving Size:
5-6 Slices
Difficulty Level:
Photo Gallery:
Storage Factor:
+2 Days

 Apricot Tart-22cm - Large Tarts Category
| Apricot Tart-22cm |

Ingredients Required: Apricot Tart-22cm

  Ingredient Quantity
1. 22cm Tart Shell (Unbaked) 1
2. Apricot Halves (Canned or fresh) 18
3. Vanilla Pastry Cream 8 ounces
4. Apricot Glaze 3 ounces

Preparation Instructions: Apricot Tart-22cm

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