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Chocolate & Vanilla Parfait

A two layer parfait with Chocolate and Vanilla custard served in a stemmed dessert glass. Garnished with whipped cream, shavings and a fancy cookie.

Parfait Dishes
Serving Size:
4 Parfaits
Difficulty Level:
Photo Gallery:
Storage Factor:
+1 Day

 Choc-Van Parfait - Parfait Dishes Category
| Choc-Van Parfait |

Ingredients Required: Choc-Van Parfait

  Ingredient Quantity
1. Vanilla Pastry Cream 10 ounces
2. Chocolate Pastry Cream 10 ounces
3. Whipped Cream 4 ounces
4. Chocolate Shavings 1/4 ounce
5. Dessert Cookie 4

Preparation Instructions: Choc-Van Parfait

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