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Base Formulas
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Category Feature
spaceBase Formulas (24)
spaceSweet DoughThe Most Popular item in this Category
spaceBavairan Cream
spacePate Choux
spacePastry Cream
spaceApricot Glaze
spaceWhipped Cream
spacePate Brioche
spacePuff Pastry
spaceApple Filling
spacePate Croissant
spacePate Sucre
spaceFabrication Ganache
spaceLemon Creme
spaceCinnamon Bark
spaceDecor Meringue
spaceVanilla Flan
spacePate Freuiteage
spaceCream Cheese Icing
space~~end of category~~
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Base Formulas

These base formulas are the basic doughs, frostings, fillings, icings and creams that the pastries are made of. The pastry recipe cards will reference these base formulas by hyperlink.

. . . and the Sweet Dough Wow is most popular this month . . .
Sweet DoughspaceBarGraph 146space
Bavairan CreamspaceBarGraph 114space
Pate ChouxspaceBarGraph 93space
Pastry CreamspaceBarGraph 72space
ButtercreamspaceBarGraph 47space
Apricot GlazespaceBarGraph 45space
Whipped CreamspaceBarGraph 42space
Pate BriochespaceBarGraph 40space
Pastry-ButtercreamspaceBarGraph 39space
FrangipanspaceBarGraph 38space
Puff PastryspaceBarGraph 36space
GanachespaceBarGraph 36space
Apple FillingspaceBarGraph 35space
Pate CroissantspaceBarGraph 34space
FondantspaceBarGraph 33space
SyrupspaceBarGraph 31space
Pate SucrespaceBarGraph 31space
Fabrication GanachespaceBarGraph 30space
Lemon CremespaceBarGraph 29space
Cinnamon BarkspaceBarGraph 28space
Decor MeringuespaceBarGraph 26space
Vanilla FlanspaceBarGraph 24space
Pate FreuiteagespaceBarGraph 24space
Cream Cheese IcingspaceBarGraph 22space
Popularity graph for Sept-2016

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