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Category Feature
spaceIces-Sorbets (6)
spaceChocolate GelatoThe Most Popular item in this Category
spaceVanilla Gelato
spaceStrawberry Sorbet
spaceBlack Cherry Gelato
spaceLemon Ice
spaceTangerine Cream
space~~end of category~~
The French Pastry Chef Online Catalog
Available now on CD-rom. Helps you create French pastries in your home. 200 recipes. Each pastry has a color photo and step-by-step instructions.

Frozen custards, ice creams, gelatos, ices, and sorbets - These recipes have been adapted to use the ice cream freezer with my heavy duty stand mixer. Its a colletion of my favorites.

. . . and the Chocolate Gelato Wow is most popular this month . . .
Chocolate GelatospaceBarGraph 0space
Vanilla GelatospaceBarGraph 0space
Strawberry SorbetspaceBarGraph 0space
Black Cherry GelatospaceBarGraph 0space
Lemon IcespaceBarGraph 0space
Tangerine CreamspaceBarGraph 0space
Popularity graph for Aug-2014

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