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Parfait Dishes
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Category Feature
spaceParfait Dishes (13)
spaceChoc-Van ParfaitThe Most Popular item in this Category
spaceChocolate Bavarian
spaceStrawberry Mousse
spaceMousse Delice - Choc
spaceFloating Island
spaceBlueberry Bavarian
spacePeach Melba
spaceCaramel Custard
spaceCream Alpine
spaceChoc Brownie Sundae
spaceStraw-Orange Cup
spaceChocolate Anglaise
spaceBlueberry Anglaise
space~~end of category~~
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Parfait Dishes

Desserts in this section are usually prepared ahead or served in a dish or glass. All very nice mousses, crèmes and custards. There is something here for everyone, the Floating Island is a nice one.

. . . and the Choc-Van Parfait Wow is most popular this month . . .
Choc-Van ParfaitspaceBarGraph 519space
Chocolate BavarianspaceBarGraph 389space
Strawberry MoussespaceBarGraph 378space
Mousse Delice - ChocspaceBarGraph 343space
Floating IslandspaceBarGraph 334space
Blueberry BavarianspaceBarGraph 330space
Peach MelbaspaceBarGraph 315space
Caramel CustardspaceBarGraph 296space
Cream AlpinespaceBarGraph 292space
Choc Brownie SundaespaceBarGraph 290space
Straw-Orange CupspaceBarGraph 281space
Chocolate AnglaisespaceBarGraph 257space
Blueberry AnglaisespaceBarGraph 248space
Popularity graph for Jan-2015

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